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Built in Saigon with health loss, insomnia, energy drinks, music, and nostalgia.

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We are a plural system of at least 3 misfits, shitposting a wide range of things:
• word salad and obcurant gibberish we're communicating with ourselves.
• shower thoughts, armchair theories, ecletic soapboxing using {official/legal/corporat}ese and {techno/psycho}babble jargons and .
• hot takes and grassroots pontifications toward bullshits by astroturfers, fedposters, dictator's sycophants, and mass media.
• recreational commentaries on philosophical and scientific articles.
• sometimes privacy, anonymity, security, programming.
• occasionally music, art, and uncategorized things.
NOTICE: This page is under construction. (Well, I first created this website to counter the nostalgic attack when I was deeply saddened. The downside of this is it is subjected to my emotion. Probably you will see this page in this state for a while until the next time there's some emotional shit happen to me.)